Rustic, tasty and fragrant, the “Cudduruni”, typical focaccia (a kind of bread) of Lentini and Carlentini culinary tradition, represents a nutritionally complete dish.

This handmade product is obtained by cooking, using a oven heated with olive or/and orange wood, a dough similar to that used for preparing the bread: durum wheat semolina, water and mother yeast; adds high-value biological carbohydrates, an important source of energy for our body.

The various fillings of broccoli, “anciti” (wild beets) and/or onions add an intense and aromatic taste to the final product, contributing to providing an optimal nutritional supplement.

Broccoli, thanks to their tiossazolidoni content, are particularly effective in thyroid care.  Isothiocyanates and sulphoraphane are essential for the prevention of intestinal, lung and breast cancer. Furthermore, these important plants bring considerable amounts of vitamins from the C, B1 and B2 groups to counteract the sense of fatigue.

Beets are vegetables rich in mineral salts such as folic acid, important against anemia, phosphorus, a valuable ally for our brain. The high content of vitamins and fibers in group C, respectively strengthen the immune system and sight the former, help digestion by contrasting constipation, the second.

The quercetin present in the onions have an antioxidant action, especially against tumors of the digestive tract. The sulphurous substances are especially appreciated for their diuretic properties, therefore can reduce the risk of hypertension. In addition, the iodine present in the onions, can counteract cellulite and regulate thyroid function.

Ultimately, the proteins, added with the sausages, present in the recipe for the preparation of a good cudduruni, complete the correct nutritional intake.